We Love Growing…. Everything!

Vegetables, herbs and fruit – we grow for our sustainable lifestyle without using chemicals or harming ourselves or the planet.

Happy Herbs

Herbs are so valuable… easy to grow, easy to please. Fill a gap where other plants struggle. Add colour and variety. The bonus, use in cooking to add flavour and health!

Gorgeous Gardens

Gardens are magical. Gardens come in all colours of the rainbow. A refuge of peace and beauty to recharge your life! Need ideas? We’ll help create Magical gardens that are beautiful and useful. Feed your body, mind and spirit.

Vibrant Veges

From the red of tomatoes and capsicum to the blues and purples of eggplants, broccoli and asparagus. For radiant health, aim to eat a rainbow of veggies every day. Yes, they can come from your garden!

We Show You How to

in easy-to-understand steps! You need the garden plot, drive and enthusiasm. What to plant, when to plant and innovative ways to garden using biodynamics.

And a suite of programs so you’re not on your own.

Join Us

You want that something extra, your own ‘doing-your-own-thing’ feeling. Pick your own ripe tomato, snip lettuce and munch beans straight from the vine. Give it a try.

Give us a try… We are a boutique garden advisory company who teach you to grow and harvest your own vegetables and fruit without chemicals. An enchanting healthy and productive garden and a healthy and sustainable life.

“We help to empower you. And hold your hand to keep you on track in taking control of your garden, so you too can enjoy a healthy and sustainable life.”

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Why Choose Us?

We can help you achieve a beautiful, productive garden and contribute to your healthy and sustainable lifestyle by
Establish family-friendly, easy to use and maintain gardens that are productive and give back to you and your family
Working with you to plan a beautiful home and garden environment
No nasty chemicals and pesticides
You know exactly where your vegetables have come from and what has gone into growing them
Save money! Pick just the herbs and vegetables you need instead of buying overpriced herbs and having them going slimy in the fridge
Giving you the “know how” in easy to follow steps
Create a beautiful environment to enjoy with your friends and family that you appreciate is non-toxic and healthy for your children and pets to play in.

Ready To Get Started?