About Me

Long, long ago in a garden far, far away a young girl named Rohanne grew up with a love of gardens and all things green and growing. This includes frogs but not necessarily algae and slime!

However, gardens (and the fairies that live in them) weren’t seen as acceptable ways of earning a living. Encouraged to seek a more noble career, she went off to university and studied health and nutrition, before embarking on a earnest career as a warrior in the war against injuries in the workplace.

She faced many battles and many challenges, winning some and losing others. Slowly she realised that she had lost the joy and wonder that came with living creatively and productively.

Life in an ordinary world had not only been unlooked for, it had become mundane and dull.

Things needed to change. Not only did Rohanne need more beauty, creativity and productivity, so did her friends, family, neighbours and the world. She started with her own allotment, transforming a wasteland into a peaceful productive oasis.

After facing plagues and pestilence, she was victorious in creating her oasis. Many people sought advice and assistance with their own garden challenges, and encouraged Rohanne to share her knowledge with the world. Rohanne hesitated. Surely everyone had this knowledge?

She set off to discover the truth! And found that, in reality not only were people seeking knowledge, they wanted to live a more healthy and sustainable life. They were also seeking beauty and health and wellbeing in an ever-changing world that seemed to have lost these values.

Rohanne had found her purpose. She could help others by creating and transforming their wastelands into individual oases. Thus, the Delectable Garden was borne.

“We love growing…. everything—vegetables, herbs and fruit and we grow for our healthy and sustainable lifestyle.”

Why Choose Us?

We can help you achieve a beautiful, productive garden and contribute to your healthy and sustainable lifestyle by:

Working with you to plan a beautiful home and garden environment
Establish family-friendly, easy to use and maintain gardens that are productive and give back to you and your family
No nasty chemicals and pesticides
You know exactly where your vegetables have come from and what has gone into growing them
Save money! Pick just the herbs and vegetables you need instead of buying overpriced herbs and having them going slimy in the fridge
Giving you the “know how” in easy to follow steps
Create a beautiful environment to enjoy with your friends and family that you appreciate is non-toxic and healthy for your children and pets to play in.

Ready To Get Started?