Any garden can be magical!

When I was young I fully believed that there were fairies at the bottom of my garden! And I believed that it was these magical creatures that were responsible for all the flowers as they carefully unfurled!

I cherished the different plants that would grow and flower to mark the changing seasons and visiting the garden to see what had changed each day was a delight.

All children still believe in the magic of gardens, but as adults we tend to get caught up in the work involved in keeping a garden looking “just right”. We seem to have bought into the belief that gardens should have a lawn which is never patchy and does not contain weeds. We also want it to be the best on our street!

The magic of nature

In trying to achieve this we pump loads of chemicals into the ground, which alter the soil and actually make it sick. This leads to a vicious cycle of increased chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides. And not just our own gardens! Whole streets worth of “perfect” lawns.

We need to move beyond this ideal of a perfectly manicured lawn and get back to the magic of nature!

Fairies are not going to visit your garden if all you can offer is lawn. The Fairies, Elves, Gnomes and even Dragons need wilderness and grottos and water features to feed their bodies and souls.