BayFM Show**

Rohanne jointly hosts a weekly gardening show on the local community radio station every Saturday morning at 6.30am with Bay FM announcer Ken Maxwell.

She brings a lifetime of gardening experience to the show and loves being able to help other gardeners, especially those who are newer to gardening. If you have any garden-related questions please contact us by text or phone and we will either answer it straight away or discuss it on the next available show.

Remember there is no such thing as a silly question or nor any question that is too simple. We all need to start somewhere, so if you don’t know the answer you are probably not alone! By asking you are probably helping other gardeners and you may even mystify Rohanne!

What Topics Are Covered?**

Topics covered each week depend on what questions come in from listeners.

Some of the topics covered previously include Healthy Soil, what it is and how to achieve it; Companion planting, what it is and some good companions; treating black sooty mould on citrus and the perennial favourites how to grow tomatoes and strawberries in our climate. However if your question relates to any of these topics then we are happy to cover the information again as the previous shows are not currently available as podcasts.

Rohanne looks forward to answering your questions on the show and also hearing about your successes and failures.

Have A Question?**

If you want Rohanne’s help answering a question you can text the radio station at any time during the week. The text number is 0468 861 003. You can also phone in on Saturday morning if you want to speak directly with Rohanne.

There is no reason to be afraid. You can ask to be anonymous or just not give your name.