Happy Herbs

So what are Herbs? A Herb can be defined as any plant that is used for its flavour, smell or aromatic properties when added to food. Herbs, while they come from plants are different from vegetables. This is because a Herb is used in small amounts to provide flavour to the food rather than being the main food.

Just about every recipe tastes better with fresh herbs. And there is no better way to get fresh herbs than to grow them yourself!

Grow your herbs

Try growing your own herbs. It will save you money! No longer will you pay the exorbitant costs for a tiny bunch of herbs from the supermarket, that seem to go slimy in the bottom of the fridge just minutes after you bring them home! By growing your own, you can pick just what you need for your immediate recipe. This leaves the rest of the plant to grow happily until you need to harvest some more of its leaves.

Herbs are such valuable plants to have in your garden! From classic herb favourites such as basil, rosemary, parsley and thyme to lesser-known herb varieties such as sorrel, chervil or even coriander.

Of course, you can have a dedicated Herb garden or even a Herb wheel. However, here at The Delectable Garden, we have found the best way to grow Herbs is to interplant them throughout the garden. They are generally easy to please and fill in gaps in your garden where other plants may have struggled! In addition, they add colour and variety. And, as a bonus, you can use them in your cooking to add flavour and health!

The other really great benefit is that you know exactly what these herbs have been sprayed (or not sprayed) with! So you get a much bigger say in what chemicals you don’t add to you and your families bodies!

Herbs not only benefit our health

And Herbs not only benefit our health. They can also add to the health of your garden and many of the plants growing in it! Herbs are very useful in attracting beneficial insects to your garden including bees, hoverflies, ladybeetles and lacewings. These insects help you by pollinating your crops to ensure that your tomatoes, eggplants, corn and other vegetables produce their fruit.

In addition, Herbs are also the basis of many combinations of companion planting. Who can ignore the classic combinations of basil and tomatoes for improved flavour, or marigolds and mustard plants in helping to fumigate soil and remove the dreaded nematodes?

Many Herbs are now being recognised as having healing and health-giving properties. Those essential oils that give many of the Herbs their wonderful tastes and smells and now being investigated by scientists for their potential health giving properties! Herbs help us in lots of ways such as reducing inflammation and even protect the body against aging diseases such as heart disease and some forms of cancer.

The Delectable Garden is celebrated for its knowledge of herbs and spices to grow in your garden.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As with all good things, there is a word of warning about Herbs. Herbs are living plants, which contain powerful essential oils and anti-oxidants. This means that they can be toxic in larger quantities, or can have health effects that may be dangerous in certain situations. For example, many herbs are either muscle relaxants or have abortive properties, which can be dangerous to pregnant women. It is recommended that pregnant women seek advice before handling or taking any herbs. Some herbs such as Rue can cause blisters in people with sensitive skin.