Bindi weed

Hello, I’m Bindii weed

Botanical Name

Bindii weed’s botanical name is Soliva sessilis


I originally come from South America so I am an exotic pest! I am bright lime green in colour and I produce prickles or burrs each spring. These prickles contain seeds that develop into next year’s crop of bindii weed. I am a creeping plant forming quite a flat groundcover that makes me easy to remove by hand. Just make sure you dig out my roots, and do this before I set seed. Many novice gardeners try and kill me using herbicides, which are generally applied after I have set seed. This is when you become aware of my presence, as I make walking on the grass unpleasant.


As a weed, I am great in taking advantage of the poor condition of your soil. I like to grow in dry.soils that are nutrient deficient. I really love soils that are slightly acidic (ie pH of 6) so try adding Dolomite or lime to the soil and I will find it much less favourable to grow here! As I love growing in your lawn, increasing the pH will give the lawn a much more competitive advantage over me!


I am best controlled by listening to what I’m telling you about your soil condition! I like to grow in dry.soils that are nutrient deficient. What I really love are soils that are slightly acidic (ie pH of 6). Adjust the pH by adding lime or dolomite. Otherwise try hand weeding. Just make sure you do this before I set seed.

I can also be controlled by using a biodynamic pepper ( see Biodynamic Peppers) However, weed peppers work best when combined with a weed tea. Weed teas take the nutrients I have accumulated in my leaves and feed them back to the soil.

If you must spray, use an organic weed killer comprised of vinegar, salt and soap. Other ways of controlling me include using organic herbicides like Slasher. I can also be boiled alive by pouring boiling water on my leaves. All these actions should be taken in winter before I flower and set seed!

If I have set seed, my seeds need to be destroyed otherwise I will grow into a new crop next spring. Poisons and weedkiller will NOT destroy my seeds. An effective way of removing my seeds is to walk over your lawn wearing rubber thongs. My seeds will stick to the thongs and can then be scraped off. Do not compost my seeds! Rather drown them in a bucket of water for at least 3 weeks. I can then be added to the compost heap.

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