Bindi weed

Bindi weed

Hello, I’m Bindii weed

Botanical Name

Bindii weed’s botanical name is Soliva sessilis


I originally come from South America so I am an exotic pest! I am bright lime green in colour and I produce prickles or burrs each spring. These prickles contain seeds that develop into next year’s crop of bindii weed. I am a creeping plant forming quite a flat groundcover that makes me easy to remove by hand. Just make sure you dig out my roots, and do this before I set seed. Many novice gardeners try and kill me using herbicides, which are generally applied after I have set seed. This is when you become aware of my presence, as I make walking on the grass unpleasant.


I grow best in dry.soils that are nutrient deficient. Correct your soils and I will no longer be a problem.


I am best controlled by hand weeding. Just make sure you do this before I set seed. If you want to spray, use an organic weed killer comprised of vinegar, salt and soap. Other ways of controlling me include using organic herbicides like Slasher. I can also be boiled alive by pouring boiling water on my leaves. All these actions should be taken in winter before I flower and set seed!

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