Dandelion weed


Hello, I am Dandelion

Botanical Name



Everyone knows me from childhood when they blew my dandelion seed heads to make a wish! Although as a gardener you wish I wasn’t in your garden! I am the original broad leaf flatweed, although there are several weeds known as dandelion. I can grow a dense centre that smothers any plants around me. My bright yellow daisy-like flowers turn into a puffball of seeds, and kids love blowing me, helping to disperse my seeds far and wide. I also have a deep taproot which keeps me well grounded. My young leaves can be eaten fresh in salads or lightly steamed as a spinach alternative.


I grow best in compacted.soils that are nutrient deficient. My deep taproot allows me to draw nutrients up to the surface of the soil. Correct your soils and I will no longer be a problem.


I can be controlled by hand weeding. Just make sure you dig out my deep taproot. This is best done using a pronged weeding tool and after it has rained or the ground has been watered to soften the surrounding soil. Try and remove me before I flower and set seed. If you want to spray, use an organic weed killer comprised of vinegar, salt and soap. Otherwise, I can be killed by iron sulphate weed sand.

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