Hairy commelina

Hairy Commelina

Hello, I’m Hairy Commelina

Botanical Name

Commelina benghalensis


Previously I was known as Wandering Jew, I am a long-lived creeping weed with bright blue flowers. There are two main varieties of hairy commelina, one with a three petalled flower and one with two petals. I can grow up to 30cm high forming a very thick mat and smothering any plants I cover. My stems can be smooth or hairy and are somewhat fleshy. I regularly produce roots at the stem joints. I tend to love drinking any weed killers that you spray on me. Instead of trying to eradicate me, you should use me in your salads as I am edible.


I grow best in soils that are constantly moist or wet and that are nutrient deficient. Correct your soils and I will no longer be a problem.


I am best controlled by hand weeding. Just make sure you remove ALL of me as I will reproduce from any stem, leaf or root that remains. I do respond to being sprayed with organic weed killer comprised of vinegar, salt and soap. I can be controlled using Biodynamic peppers see Magical Biodynamics