Hello, I’m Oxalis

Botanical Name for Oxalis

Oxalis acetosella


I am called oxalis because I contain high levels of oxalic acid. I’m also known as soursop. As I have a similar leaf structure I am sometimes confused with clover. My leaves are bright green, with three distinct lobes. Sometimes I have a paler green halo design on the leaves. I have a deep nut or corm, which makes me hard to eradicate. My flowers can be quite attractive, with pink/purple nodding blooms, which I can produce year-round when permitted. I also come in a yellow flowering variety.


I grow best in dry.soils that are nutrient deficient. Correct your soils and I will no longer be a problem.


I am best controlled by hand weeding. Just make sure you dig deep enough to remove all my underground corm as I will reproduce from any corm left behind. I am very good at releasing my leaves to trick you into believing you have killed me, but return even stronger. When you allow me to flower I spread even further through my seeds. I am difficult to kill but respond to being sprayed with organic weed killer comprised of vinegar, salt and soap. Hot water also burns my leaves and flowers. I can be controlled using biodynamic peppers. SeeĀ Magical Biodynamics