Plastic Free Living: My Journey

I have signed up to Plastic Free July! I thought I would start my Plastic free living journey with some of my reasons for making the change.

And one of the major reasons is the awful, tragic effect that plastic pollution is having on animals, especially in our oceans ?

However, I am not going to use any of those heart-wrenching photos of animals killed by plastic rings or plastic bags in their gut!

Not because I don’t believe that it is happening! But because those photos and that information make me feel sooo sick in the gut, sad and powerless. So it almost seems easier to give up, than to try and make any difference! ? After all, I’m only one person right?

I was also horrified to read that plastic rubbish was recently found at the bottom of the Mariana trench. ? That is nearly 11,000 metres below sea level. That is about 3,000 metres deeper than Mt Everest, if you inverted Mt Everest!

And I know that plastic pollution is found at the top of Mt Everest!

But you need to be in a submarine to visit Mariana trench! And the number of people who have achieved this (unlike Everest) are in single digits!

Another reason my Plastic free living journey was when I read that scientists have found shreds of micro-plastic in our poop. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to think that I am eating and digesting enough plastics that it is coming out the other end! ?

Another thing that horrified me was the change, or should I say lack of change, that happened when single use plastic bags were banned in Queensland. ? It seems to me that this was just an excuse for the supermarkets to charge for the single use bags and put their logos on them! This just replaced the previously freely supplied ubiquitous grey or white plastic bags.

And the final reason was when I realised that every piece of plastic that has ever been made is still with us on our beautiful planet Earth! ?

I think I knew that subliminally, but I had never really thought it through.

Plastic doesn’t degrade! If it was made, then it is still made.

It’s in our landfill, in our oceans, in our back yards and in our homes! And at the rate we are producing and using plastic, soon there won’t be enough land for us to fill with plastic waste! ?

Anyway, these are some of my reasons. I’m sure if I thought about it I could come up with a lot more. However, my aim is not to preach at people but to give you some ideas and suggestions about how we can all make a difference, one piece of plastic at a time!

I hope you will join me and the millions of others signed up to Plastic Free July. For further information visit

Here’s to living more sustainably.

Your Edible Gardening Guru.

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