Hello, I’m Purslane

Botanical Name

Portulaca oleracea


I am actually a herb, with fleshy light green to golden leaves and stems. And I have lots of health-giving benefits if you’ll just try me! I am considered a weed because I grow easily in between cracks in cement paths. And I set lots of seeds, so Purslane can quickly become a nuisance in your garden,


As a weed, I am great in taking advantage of the poor condition of your soil. As I am a succulent, known as Purslane, I will happily grow in sandy and deficient soils. And I even grow happily in the cracks between cement paths and pavers. I have small pinkish yellow flowers and set lots of seeds. If you can collect enough seeds you can grind them into a flour and make flatbread.


I am a medicinal plant and should really be considered a herb. I have high levels of vitamin A, C and E as well as the omega 3 fatty acids. And I’m high in anti-oxidants so I’m good for your health. As the sap from my leaves can be used to alleviate pain and itch from insect bites, I am a valuable addition to your first aid kit. I am also edible. My leaves can be included in salads where they impart a cucumber-like flavour. Being very high in omega 3 fatty acids, you should feed me to your chickens. This will increase the omega 3 fatty acids in the yolks.


I don’t know why you would want to control me, as I can benefit your health and that of your family. However, if you decide to control me, try listening to what I’m telling you about your soil condition! I love growing in soils that are dry and deficient in potassium, calcium and phosphorous, I  can be controlled by hand weeding. However I break apart easily so each leaf and piece of stem can become a new plant. I also disperse my seed when you pull me up. Instead of controlling me with weed spray, use me in your salads or feed me to yours or your neighbours chickens.

I can also be controlled by using a biodynamic pepper ( see Biodynamic Peppers) However, weed peppers work best when combined with a weed tea. Weed teas take the nutrients I have accumulated in my leaves and feed them back to the soil.

If you must spray, use an organic weed killer comprised of vinegar, salt and soap. Other ways of controlling me include using organic herbicides like Slasher. I can also be boiled alive by pouring boiling water on my leaves. However, you are better off picking my leaves for your salad and, if you pick often enough, you’ll starve me!