Hello, I’m Purslane

Botanical Name

Portulaca oleracea


I am actually a herb, with fleshy light green to golden leaves and stems. As the sap from Purslane leaves can be used to alleviate pain and itch from insect bites, I am a valuable addition to your first aid kit. I am also edible. My leaves can be included in salads where they impart a cucumber-like flavour. Being very high in omega 3 fatty acids, you should feed me to your chickens. This will increase the omega 3 fatty acids in the yolks. I am considered a weed because I grow easily in between cracks in cement paths and can quickly become a nuisance in your garden,


I can be controlled by hand weeding. However I break apart easily so each leaf and piece of stem can become a new plant. I also disperse my seed when you pull me up. Instead of controlling me with weed spray, use me in your salads or feed me to yours or your neighbours chickens.