Single Use Plastics Recycling

Single Use Plastics

Many single use plastics come into our homes in disguise!

Did you know that chip packets, lolly packets and even food sachets are actually made of plastic?

In fact, single use plastic is used all across the food industry to get food products to us as cheaply as possible. And part of the reason is that plastic weighs very little!!

Previously we used glass and paper but they added weight and bulk. Then they discovered plastic!

Some single use plastics

And now the plastic doesn’t even look like what we think plastic should look like. The chip packets look like aluminium foil. But they are plastic!


And, YES, all these single use plastics are easily recycled!!

All you need to do is rinse them out (so they don’t smell out the collection centre) and drop them into the Redcycle bins at Coles when you are next shopping! The recycled plastic is makes new shopping bags, plastic bottles, even the foam matting used in childrens play areas.

What to Do?

I know you don’t need any more jobs to do! But this one is really easy, I promise you!

All I do is keep a soft plastics recycle bag near the front door, and drop in any single use plastics that come into my home. This includes the plastic bags used for the Blood and Bone and potting mix that I use in the garden!

When the bag is full, I take it to Coles when I’m next going shopping. Redcycle do the rest!

And NO, I didn’t eat the chips and lollies from the photo! I picked these bags up when walking my dogs this morning (hence this post)!

Sadly, we are responsible for the Whiskers sachets. Even though it’s cat food, my dogs love it for breakfast! However, I feel a lot better now that I know that I can rinse and recycle the satchets instead of them going to landfill where they can sit for 1,000 years before breaking down!

So, while we are trying to cut down on the single use plastics, why not make sure that you recycle those plastics that do come in with your shopping?

Let me know what other items you recycle through the Redcycle bins? I am sure there are plenty of other plastics that we just don’t think to recycle

And, as a bonus, you can reduce the amount of rubbish in your council bins!

Here’s to living more sustainably

Your Edible Garden Guru

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